The site for the home and the utility driveway were installed by Odell Walker of Walker Grading and Landscaping. Call Odell for your BobCat, Loader work, or for hauling most anything. He can be reached at 336-382-4938. (Don't bother leaving a message - I'm not sure he checks his voicemail; but call him during the day and he'll answer.)

While Odell was preparing the site, Ronnie Alcorn at Dependable Well put in a well. He got everything all set-up temporarily so we could supply water to the masons and use it for anything else we wanted. Call Ronnie at 336-215-4285.

Once the site was prepared, Donnie McDaniel and his Dad, Joe, dug the footings and placed the concrete. Donnie does a laser-precise job. You can reach him at 336-215-5520.

Then, Iraheta Masonry did the initial brick and block work to get the site ready for the framers. Call Iraheta at 336-345-0316.

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